Salary Structure

  • Determine the size of a position by using Mercer methodology (eIPE) which is commonly used in Vietnam and many countries around the world
  • Compare companies’ current pay with the market accurately thanks to our biggest compensation database in the market
  • Build a suitable, internally fair & externally competitive salary structure
  • Build a salary increase matrix to distribute the salary increase budget for each employee.

Performance Management System

  • Closely link employees’ KPI to department objectives and to corporate KPIs
  • Help performance appraisal results to be clear and agreeable between the appraiser and the appraisee
  • Increase consistency and fairness between different managers when setting KPIs and rating employee's performance
  • Build a general competency framework based on corporate core values and company culture.

Benefit Scheme design/review

  • Compare benefits with market based on our biggest benefits database to understand its competitiveness
  • Recommend on changes of benefits in order to maximize the use of companies’ benefits budget.

Bonus Allocation

  • Suggest bonus budget based on best market practices and companies’ strategy
  • Distribute the bonus budget effectively to individuals to motivate employees to contribute more to the organization.